BB&G Charities spun off of Buffalo Blue & Gold, which began in 2010 as a Buffalo Sabres fan page. It came to light to give Sabres fans from around the world a place to talk and share stories and thoughts about the team. Over the past four years BB&G, as it has affectionately become known, has grown to over 2,000 members and has spun off into other Buffalo sports fan pages. One constant has been the way we expect members to conduct themselves. BB&G aims to be a site where any fan can feel welcome and no one individual is greater than the team.

Over the past few years BB&G has broadened our focus to include support for local charities, which prompted us to start BB&G Charities. BB&G then changed its acronym meaning from Buffalo Blue & Gold to Building, Believing, & Giving!  This venture will allow us to continue with our core belief that helping those who help others is of the utmost importance.  BB&G Charities was born out of a desire to strengthen our focus on giving back to the Western New York community that many of our members call home. We will concentrate our efforts on children of all ages and raise the profile of those groups involved with children looking to make a greater impact. Our passionate membership will live our core value, help those that help others, and progress toward the best community we can be. 

In this way, we can try and bring a smile on the face of children who have not experienced a lot in life. Our efforts will include summer camp at Camp Hickory Hill, Gardening Camp for Children of the Buffalo City Mission, and Sail boating on Lake Erie.






We are currently working on a new adventure with Broadway Hope in Lancaster.  Broadway Hope is a nonprofit organization that seeks to primarily serve underprivileged youth in the Western New York by providing facilities and programming that allow children to experience nature and be encouraged with a message of love and hope. Settled on 19 acres in Lancaster, New York, less than 10 miles from downtown Buffalo, Broadway Hope boasts a five-acre, multi-use  field, a creek, a picnic grove, a low ropes course, an obstacle course, a 105 seat outdoor theater  and casual trails through beautiful forested countryside.  Broadway Hope plans to expand their offerings in the next several months and years to meet the needs of a greater portion of the community.  The goal of BB&G Charities is to raise funds to build up to 8 cabins on one of the acres of property to allow summer and winter overnight camp for the youth of our area.


President/CEO                            Ronald Toczek 


Vice President                             Richard Austin 

Executive Assistant                     Open

Director of  Public Relations       Keith White, Jr

Graphic Arts Coordinator           Jordan Santalucia 



Members of the Board



Member at Large                         Michael Gallivan

Member at Large                         Karen Toczek


Human Resources Consultant    Tim Null

Director of Finance                      Brad Bauer


Building, Believing & Giving



The camping experience builds positive character traits in kids and enhances life skills. Camp is the perfect partner to family, school, and community youth activities and helps a child learn independence, decision- making, social and emotional skills, character building and values - all in an atmosphere of creativity, enrichment, and under the supervision of positive adult role models.


We believe kids that attend camp are more likely to make a positive impact on our Western New York Community in the future. Camping provides fun activities and learning experiences which help them grow into healthy and productive adolescents and adults.


Whether it's a financial donation or investing a few hours of your time; your gift makes a difference in the life of a child who may otherwise never get to experience all the amazing adventures and life-changing benefits that kids take away from summer camp.  

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